What is a Doctorate in education?

Doctorate in education
Doctorate in education

To understand what a doctorate in education is we must first know what it involves. A doctorate involves learning and developing new ways of thinking. Advancing your understanding in science, literature and culture while growing as a professional. Currently education is one of the strongest growing fields in our economy. Both in the US and abroad there are more jobs now then before.

The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to a boom in the knowledge based economy. Especially in online learning institutions.

Easiest way to obtain a doctorate in education is through online courses. This is the quickest path to the professional’s development. As studying online allows you to custom tailor your curriculum to your own personal needs and strengths. You will master your field of study in months rather then years. Gain the ability to design, conceive research, and efficiently communicate in new areas of knowledge.

Opening the door to the academic and scientific community promoting new advances or complex original ideas.

Objective of the doctorate in education: To prepare professionals with a complete and solid training that will advance you in your own career. A Doctoral degree allows you to generate and conceive scientific, technological, social, artistic or cultural advances for a constant changing society.

Before knowing how the whole process and the challenge of starting a doctorate are, we can analyze what it consists of.

What is a doctorate in education?

A doctorate is the highest form of degree one can earn in most fields of study. Representing the third level of university studies after the master’s degree. You can earn your degree either in person or remotely. Obtaining this leads to the acquisition of new skills, knowledge, and higher income potential. After passing a period of organized training and research.

These study programs last 3 years full time, while part-time students will have 5 years to expose and present the doctoral thesis. This culmination work of studies or thesis covers everything about the subject or area of ​​knowledge of the researcher. In some cases, the university or education center itself assigns the topics to be elaborated to ensure the scientific quality of the research. This work should offer original results that demonstrate the solid training of the defender and their ability to generate new ideas that contribute to today’s society.

To access and be admitted to a doctorate, each university has requirements that the applicant must meet. Sometimes it is not enough to have a Bachelor’s, Diploma or Graduate degree, but you must also have an official University Master’s degree.

Therefore, for those who aspire to go further in a specific area of ​​knowledge, joining a doctorate is the solution. This choice allows gradually, in addition to increasing knowledge, interpreting reality and contributing to its evolution.

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