Ph.D. in education or Doctor in Education EdD. which to choose.

Doctor in Education EdD
Doctor in Education EdD.

You have your master’s and are ready to pursue doctoral studies. Now you have a choice to make. Doctor of Education (EdD) or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Education?

This is an important decision. As each degree is quite different. These two career goals offer very different things.

Doctor of Education (EdD) is designed for anyone pursuing a leadership role. Were a  Ph.D. in education, is designed to prepare you for research academia.

An EdD, or Doctor of Education, is best suited for experienced educators. If you are a current teacher or almost finished with your studies. Then graduating with an EdD be a great opportunity for you.

When you pursue an EdD the fields of high-paying jobs from higher education to non-profits, and government institutions open up. To sum up, you use your new degree, to solve complex issues facing whatever organization they are employed to. The EdD is inclined to practicality. To summarize students are encouraged to do research, outreach, etc.

Ph.D. in education
Learn more about a Ph.D. in Education.

There are several jobs one can get it an EdD.

  • Postsecondary Education Administrators.
  • Elementary and Secondary School Education Administrators.
  • Top Executives.
  • Instructional Coordinators.

PhD in Education is a degree for those interested in higher learning.

Students in a Ph.D. are for example more interested in theory. They base their approach to the program on research and less practice. The goal is to become an expert in your area or field od study. Ph.D. students carry out their research in order that progress and change take place. Inspiring new ideas, theories, and technologies. It is important to realize that you will become an expert. This is above all else the greatest benefit you will have.

As a matter of fact, to ensure Tenure as a University professor, you will need a Ph.D. Above all, a Ph.D. opens the door to many professional opportunities around the world. We encourage you to continue your research. Find the area of study you like the most and contact us. We will ensure that you achieve your goals and earn your Ph.D.

You are encouraged to balance against the pro and cons of either degree.

Some of the jobs that can be earned through a Ph.D. in education include.

  • Postsecondary Teachers.
  • Academic Researcher.
  • University Tenure.
  • School principal.
  • Government.

Regardless of the degree chosen, AIU will be sure to have advisors assist you. These two degrees are a great opportunity to advance your career in the field of education. Giving you the power to make real change in leadership roles.

In short your earning potential will triple both from the career opportunities and the earnings potential.

With the resent changes right here in the US with out education system. It is more important then ever to have new professionals enter the field with a higher degree.

Always remember having a Ph.D. or EdD will guarantee you a global career. No matter what country you come from. This degree is the equivalent of having a visa. To almost any country around the globe.

For more information simply click here. An advisor will explain at length the steps to start your program.

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