Doctor in Education Easy Guide.

Are you an educator looking to expand your career and new opportunities? A sure way to increase you success is to earn a Doctor in Education. We hope this page will serve as a guide to help you in earning a Doctorate degree in education.

AIU Doctor in Education Program
Easy Guide toward Earning your Doctor in Education

The Doctor in Education program from Atlantic International University.

AIU prepares students to be leaders in the field of education. The program fosters a deep application of acquired knowledge as well as skills in the areas of research, collaboration, communication, and professional development.

All participants in the doctoral program will create an individualized curriculum specifically designed for their own individual needs and strengths.

What happens after you join the program.

We start by creating the necessary courses and introducing you to your instructors. Then you set up your own schedule for each class. Teachers will work with you daily or weekly basis. The goal is for you to graduate with your doctorate degree in education as quickly as possible.

No fillers, no electives no time wasters.

Accordingly AIU will only give you the exact clases, materials and study guides that are essential to your chosen field. There are no elective credit requirements, no repetitive class follow ups. Your